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Rabbi Elyakim Levanon shlita, Head of the Yeshiva and Chief Rabbi of the Shomron, is also the Rabbi of the Elon Moreh Community and was one of the most notable students of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook of blessed memory. 


The Yeshiva places emphasis on in-depth study of both the oral and written Torah, as a strong connection to the pertinent needs of our generation. Study is conducted in a convivial atmosphere and through the personal accompaniment of each and every student by a senior staff member. When recruited into IDF army service, the students translate their demanding study ethic into a solid devotion to their national homeland. Soldiers who come to Elon Moreh's Hesder Yeshiva have received military commendations for their brothers-in-arms.


The educational program at the Yeshiva places a bold emphasis on creating long lasting personal relationships while also addressing modern day issues. This orientation serves to strengthen mutual responsibility between people. Moreover, a central feature of our educational mission statement is reserved for the formation of strong and healthy marital bonds.

Midreshet Aluma Ariel University Students

Midreshet Aluma - Seminary for Women

Midreshet Aluma is located in Ariel at the University of the Shomron. Young women take a wide varieity of courses in Judaic Studies all of which are recognized for academic credit to their degrees. Visit their Hebrew site here

Rav Elyakim Levanon with soldiers from Elon Moreh

IDF Service 


Elon Moreh students are dedicated to serving their country and defending their homeland. Our students serve with distinction in elite combat units. 

Elon Moreh student and faculty

Devoted Faculty 


Our faculty and their families live in Elon Moreh and are able to maintain close contact with the students throughout the academic year. 

Hesder Students

Life Long Bonds 


Many of our alumni choose to stay and make their homes in Elon Moreh a thriving community of 350 families in the Northern Shomron. 

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