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The Max Ribald z"l Basketball Court Project 

Dr. Max Ribald z"l, Meir ben Yisroel v'Fruma Chana Hakohen passed away on Friday, May 27, 2022. Max was a dedicated friend, supporter, and board member of the Beit Midrash Institutions of Elon Moreh (Bimad) since 2001.


In 2017, The Yeshiva High School of Elon Moreh - Shechem expanded to include a middle school adding a 7th grade and an 8th grade. Just six years ago, there were 120 students. Today there are 230 students in grades 7 through 12. The basketball court is in desperate need of resurfacing and expansion to meet the needs of our growing student body. The basketball court also doubles as a soccer pitch. Physical education is an integral part of a student's day. This project will double the number of baskets and goals. It will also provide for the purchase of some seating areas. 

The Max Ribald Basketball Court at the Yeshiva High School of Elon Moreh - Shechem is a fitting tribute to Max's memory. Max loved Eretz Yisrael, specifically Yehuda V'Shomron. He impacted the lives of countless youth as a coach and mentor of the Yavneh Academy basketball team. Join us in perpetuating Max's love of Eretz Yisrael, the Shomron, basketball and helping to impact the lives of the students at the Yeshiva High School of Elon Moreh - Shechem. 

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